Story of a Cube

A colorful, juicy game about a cube and his quest for revenge.

Take control of the Cube and blast your way through an abstract world full of danger.

Story of a Cube is juicy and fast-paced shooter starring a cube who sets out to take revenge on the evil circles who kidnapped his family.

  • Shoot.
    Armed with a mysterious weapon left behind by the circles, you must fight your way through six challenging chapters. Shoot everything that moves and make sure to counter bullets with bullets!

  • Dodge.
    Watch out for crushing spikes and other terrifying things as you navigate the maze-like levels and try to stay alive. Slow down time just enough to dodge the bullets coming at you from all directions.

  • Fight the Bosses.
    Each chapter contains an epic, genre-defying battle that will be sure to test your limits. Get hunted by a swarm of missiles, avoid being crushed by the wall of doom and try not to explode.

  • Solve the Mystery.
    Why did the circles abduct your family? What will they do with them? Will you make it out alive? Find out as the plot slowly unravels and you are faced with the horrifying truth.

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TinyAtomGames is a one-man indie game development team from Sweden consisting of the young student @fredrik_madsen who, armed with only a laptop, has set out on a quest to create fun and unique games.


August 2012

TinyAtomGames was formed. Developemnt was studied and many game prototypes were created never to be released.

May 2014

The release of Bombfall: a simple game that turned out to be incredibly entertaining, but remained mostly unheard of.


The creation of several experimental games took place and the first step into the indie game industry was taken.

February 2015

Development of Story of a Cube began. It was only going to be a small probject of a few months.

31 December 2015

After beoming a much larger project than originally intended, Story of a Cube gets greenlit on Steam just as the year ends.

4 March 2015

Story of a Cube was released on Steam.


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